Soup Stock Tokyo’s closing its last Singapore outlet on 19 Feb

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TL;DR – 10 more days.

Joining the list of foreign F&B establishments that couldn’t survive in Singapore (remember Smoothie King and Wendy’s? ) is Soup Stock Tokyo which well, hails from Japan and sells soup.

Soup Stock Tokyo Singapore | Facebook

The brand, which has outlets at 313@Somerset and 100 AM, announced on Facebook that they are ceasing operations in Singapore entirely “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

Yesterday was their last day at 100 AM and their 313@Somerset outlet will close for good on 19 Feb.

It could be rental issues (we all know how exorbitant rent can get in this country) and some patrons cite service as an issue.

As a soup fan (I drink them by the pots!), this is disappointing news but to be honest, I’m not too surprised either, seeing how their restaurants are often empty even during lunch time. Also, the soups in Singapore, while tasty, also seem to lack something when compared to the original Soup Stock Tokyo broths I tried in Japan and on the SIN-NRT Japan Airlines flights. Yes, even airplane food’s better.

It certainly looks like I’m not the only one who’s gonna miss them though:


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