FairPrice responds to the ‘Death of Fair.Price’ survey

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TL;DR – Another day, another scam.

So we wrote about the FairPrice survey that we suspected was a scam some days ago. Basically the (probably) scammers would sponsor a Facebook post that looks like this,

via Facebook

When you click through, you will see something like this,

FairPrice scam

You will then go through a series of questions as though filling up a survey for FairPrice and once you’re done, they will lead you to think that you’re on your way to receiving some super-duper FairPrice vouchers.

via Facebook

And then you’ll be prompted to provide your contact number and a delivery address,

via Facebook

And there’s some fine print that will pop up after you’ve done the survey.

Beware the fine print! (via Facebook)

But, who reads fine print right?? The thing is what most people wouldn’t know is that they would have been scammed if they’ve followed the instructions like they’re told. You would have subscribed to some “service”, where you’ll have to pay a weekly fee. The subscription fee for the first week is $17.12 with GST. Thereafter, the weekly subscription fee is $8.56 with GST.

Yeaps, that’s a recurring item on your telco bill month after month after you’ve put a stop to it. And yeaps, this is why we should all check our bills before paying.

Let’s hear FairPrice’s response

Anyway, we had reached out FairPrice earlier and they had confirmed that this survey was not commissioned by them. In fact, they shared with us that they had filed a police report on this.

Here’s what the FairPrice Spokesperson has to say,

Q1. Could you confirm that this is not part of FairPrice’s outreach effort to better understand the shoppers?

We can confirm that FairPrice is currently not running any online promotion that requires users to complete a survey to obtain gift vouchers. We would like to clarify that such a promotion is neither created nor endorsed by FairPrice and we have since made a police report.

Q2. If this is indeed a scam, or that the survey is not commissioned by FairPrice, what is your next course of action on this matter? What would you advise that readers do when they come across posts like this?

We take the opportunity also to remind the public to be mindful of information spread on social media and online platforms, and encourage all to verify information directly with us when in doubt.

For clarifications, consumers may contact us directly at our Customer Relations Hotline at 6552 2722, through email at general.feedback@fairprice.com.sg or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Q3. There have been quite a number of similar survey tactics that use FairPrice vouchers or the FairPrice brandname to entice people to respond. How can the average Singaporean tell which are real, and which are scams?

Some of these posts create a false impression that it is a FairPrice promotion by using FairPrice’s corporate logo without permission. We understand that such fraudulent posts have been circulating on social media and online and we advise customers to be vigilant should they receive such promotions and messages. When in doubt, we encourage all to verify information directly with us.

Q4. Also, is FairPrice looking into any ways to prevent such scams or even fake news (like the plastic rice rumour) from happening?

To ensure that false information is not further perpetuated, FairPrice works closely with mainstream media platforms to clarify any inaccuracies in claims that are being made.

To address the fake rice rumour, notices were put up at all FairPrice stores to notify customers of the rumour, and a police report has since been filed. We also advise the public not to further circulate unverified or false information, which may cause unnecessary public alarm.

So go on, go tell your father, mother, brother and sister about this.


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