PM Lee says Happy Valentine’s Day!

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TL;DR – It’s quite the romantic period…

Seems like Madam Ho Ching was feeling the love even before Valentine’s Day as she shared a photo of herself with her bae last Friday.

It’s not a new photo, but what’s interesting is it’s like a response to PM Lee Hsien Loong’s love call. Albeit a year late she was, as PM Lee’s post was from last Valentine’s Day.

How very endearing, right?!

And the couple continues to fill our internet space with thankfully-not-overly-mushy love notes on Valentine’s Day today.

Here’s PM Lee’s Valentine post for this year,

We love what PM said here,

“Whether you are young or old, I hope you let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them, and not just today. Don’t forget to give them a peck on the cheek! Happy Valentine’s Day! – LHL”

Hehe, we saw that the wifey even has liked the husband’s tweet!

And was PM Lee inspired by the wifey’s earlier post?


And oh, these are from the Sin Ming area! Check out what she said,

“A friend in ABA tells me that there are still families of jungle fowl in the Sin Ming Ave and Sin Ming Road areas.

Visited both to see for myself, and was very happy to have found them in both places

Video below is a family behind a coffee shop in the Sin Ming Road in peaceful co-existence with friendly homo sapiens.”

Love how matchy-matchy on social media these two are!

Did they first met in National Junior College (NJC), we wonder. After all, their paths might have crossed when they were in NJC since PM’s born in 1952 and Ho Ching, 1953.

A collage given to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made by National Junior College alumnus Quinn Lum, who graduated in 2011. It features pictures of Mr Lee and wife Ho Ching, both ex-NJC students, during their school days and when they came back as guests for various events. — PHOTO: QUINN LUM (Source)

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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