Comments about bees attacking woman in AMK park show why Singapore is doomed

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TL;DR – Much wow.

A woman was badly stung by a swarm of bees at Ang Mo Kio park. She had to be rescued by an officer from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) who was covered in protective gear.

We hope that the lady will recover fully.

It was a very unfortunate event. But what was more unfortunate is how some Singaporeans reacted to the incident. A social media site had an article about this incident. In that article, the writer asked this: Why was there a swarm of bees in the area in the first place? The writer asked NParks to stop giving excuses.

That site is known to be a click-bait trashy website. So we thought that the writer’s opinion was just an extreme exaggeration that is characteristic of that site. But then we read some of the comments on that on Straits Times’s Facebook page.

One person asked:

“How did the NPARKS or Town Council officers and subcontract staff “overlook” such a large hive during routine daily inspections and maintenance?”

Another asked:

“it can happen to anyone… what if its baby or kids nearby… it should be taken elsewhere like an enclosed bee garden if not destroyed”

Perhaps these people are trolls. Maybe people like them are few and far between. Or maybe not. But, not too long ago, there were people who complained about the noise from some chickens.

And then there was the person who complained wrote a letter to ST Forum about how a “protruding stone” caused him to lose balance and fall while he was jogging along MacRitchie trail. According to the writer of that letter:

“Maintenance should be undertaken to remove protruding stones, branches and roots that may pose a danger to visitors.”

It seems that Singapore has no shortage of people who can only survive if Singapore is a neatly-pruned, carefully-manicured, and climate-controlled garden. If there is even a single branch that is out of place, if a single root dares to venture where it becomes an inconvenience, there would be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. And there will be such a hue and cry that will bring the powers that be to bear down upon the offending piece of nature.

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No wonder there are people who say that Singapore is too sterile, completely soulless. Worse. It seems that the government is expected to be at the beck and call of Singaporeans. Anything that is wrong, call the government. Government must fix it.

Never mind if it’s just a fishball stick on the walkway near an MRT station. No. Singaporeans cannot pick it up. The government must do it.

Not long after the fishball stick incident, there’s also the water bottle story at Tampines. A resident had reported to his MP Baey Yam Keng that a half-filled water bottle was left dangerously on a staircase handrail for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Instead of checking regularly on the water bottle for two weeks, the resident could have just removed it and saved the world, right? Sure, he could still feedback to the MP or the town council, but he could also do good and just throw it away, especially if he thought it was dangerous, right?

But no. Of course the government must do it.

Know what? We guess he’s a Singaporean.

If most Singaporeans think that the government needs to solve all our problems, then how can our nation have a soul? How can we be a vibrant society? How can we be an innovative and dynamic economy? How can we weather the storms and brave the headwinds? No. We can’t. We won’t be able to.

Instead, if we want to continue to thrive as an independent and sovereign nation, we cannot keep waiting for the government to solve all our problems. We must actively be part of the solution. Even if, at times (or often, as may be the case), the government appears to not quite want us to be. But… will we?

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Meanwhile, we highly recommend you read this blogger’s version of the fishball stick story. It’s done so well we wish we had written it ourselves.


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