Both Nuffnang founders, Cheo Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah, have stepped down from the company

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TL;DR – I think they had e-nuff(nang).


You might not be familiar with Netccentric but you should have heard of Nuffnang, a blog advertising company that accordingly to their talent agency Bloggerati, manages Xiaxue, Cheryl Wee and Soh Pei Shi. The company has also been in the limelight a fair bit in recent years, with the Xiaxue/Nuffnang vs. Gushcloud saga back in 2014 and more recently, Ang Chiew Ting (better known as Bong Qiu Qiu)’s lawsuit.

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Netccentric is the parent company of Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, Dayre and a few others. It was started in 2006 by Cheo Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah, who had met whilst studying in London.

In July 2015, Netccentric listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and raised US$9.35 million in IPO. That year, Cheo (better known as Boss Ming online) became the CEO of the company while Tiah took on the role as COO.

Netccentric COO, Timothy Tiah, wins Emerging Entreprenuer at the EY Entreprenuer of the Year MY Awards (via

Life went on for the next year or so. Tiah proceeded to win Emerging Entrepreneur at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Malaysia Awards 2015.

One year later, Timothy Tiah made the announcement in November 2016 that he would be “taking a step back from Netccentric”. He says in a blog entry that he was leaving his position as COO and “taking a step back from active management of the company”, though he will still remain a director, advisor and shareholder of the company.

The latest update is that he is embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey, one that is set on making “an ENORMOUS amount of money in profits”.

As for Cheo, he resigned as CEO two months later on 27 January 2017 with immediate effect. In a media release by the company, Cheo is quoted as saying “significant shareholders in the company have envisaged a new direction for Netccentric and as such I have decided to step down to allow them to achieve their new objectives”.

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The current regional director of Netccentric, Yang Huiwen, is acting as interim CEO.


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