6 Japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore to get your free-flow sashimi fix

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TL;DR – Sashimi all day err day.

Konnichiwa! Dreaming about extensive, sumptuous all-you-can-eat ala carte Japanese buffet spreads where you can indulge in unlimited servings of finely-sliced and fresh sashimi?

Here are our top 6 picks to make your dream come true.

1. Mitsuba

Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant, located on the third floor of The Central has a scenic skyscraper view of Clarke Quay and the iconic Singapore River. Mitsuba is widely known for serving unlimited thick slabs of fresh sashimi goodness when you choose their Premium A La Carte Buffet. If you’re dining alone, you could have an intimate conversation with the Japanese chefs over at the sushi bar, dine in one of their traditional keyaki booths or you could also book a table with a great view of the river! You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice as their buffet menu offers a massive spread of more than 130 dishes! All you sashimi lovers will be floating on cloud nine as you’ll be able to have fresh slices of Salmon, Hamachi, Tuna, Octopus, Broadbill Swordfish and Squid! The restaurant also serves a side of complimentary ‘hotate mentaiyaki’, which is basically a nice hot layer of mentaiyaki (or pollock roe) on top of fresh scallops. Another interesting dish that is unique to Mitsuba is their ‘Pidan Tofu’ – which is cold tofu served with roe and century egg. It’s definitely an unusual combination of ingredients but it surprisingly complements each flavour.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, 03-88 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30AM–3PM,  6–10PM

2. Irodori

Irodori Japanese Restaurant located at Four Points by Sheraton Singapore features an extensive ala carte buffet menu using the freshest produce and quality seafood from Norway, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Choose the ala carte buffet and enjoy a free flow of skilfully cut pieces of melt-in-your-mouth tuna, salmon, octopus and yellow tail sashimi! They also have a light and refreshing green tea silken tofu to cleanse your palate, a luxuriously-decadent grilled prawn with mentaiko served with mayonnaise, fried Japanese meat/veggie croquette and fresh assorted hand rolls made with absolute care. Pair these dishes with some premier Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo which is a mild-tasting, smooth and crisp Niigata-style brewed sake that has a spicy-note of roasted nuts and apples or some classic ice cold Japanese beer!

Address: 382 Havelock Road, Four Points by Sheraton, #03-01 Riverview, Singapore 169629
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30AM–2:30PM, 6–10:30PM

3. Shin Minori

Entice yourself at Shin Minori with their gastronomic feast of over 160 sumptuous ala-carte buffet menu items ranging from sushi, fresh sashimi, makimono, temaki rolls, tempura, teppanyaki, noodle dishes, appetizers and many more! Shin Minori located at UE Square in Robertson Quay allows customers to order their food using an interactive tablet which electronically displays the ala-carte buffet menu and digitally selecting the dishes of their choice. Chow down on unlimited plates of mouth-watering slices of raw salmon, yellow tail, tuna, sea bream, octopus, cuttlefish and sword fish! Warm your tummy up with some comfort food like stewed pork belly with potato and carrot (Niku-jaga), grilled chicken meat ball with sweet soy sauce (Tsukune teriyaki), Japanese curry udon (kare udon) or an unusual pumpkin version of silky, smooth chawanmushi (pumpkin egg custard).

Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave, UE Square, Singapore 239917
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun  11:30AM–2:30PM, 6–10:30PM

4. Himawari Japanese Restaurant

Himawari Japanese Restaurant at Alexandra Road offers patrons with an all-you-can-eat ala carte buffet with a variety of more than 80 dishes which also includes Shabu-shabu (Japanese hotpot stew), Teppanyaki (iron-grilled food), Sukiyaki (Japanese beef hotpot). Be absolutely spoilt for choice with their massive selection of fresh sashimi like sweet prawn, tuna, octopus, swordfish, salmon, yellow tail, squid and sea bream. If you’re a sushi person as well, you’ll definitely be pleased with the menu choices like the Tamago sushi, Unagi sushi, California maki, Ebi Tempura maki, Spider maki (soft shell crab), Tuna handroll, Negitoro handroll and many more. To end off the meal on a sweet note, satisfy your sweet-tooth by enjoying any of the four ice cream  flavours like green tea, double chocolate, coconut and chocolate chip! The restaurant also has a Robatayaki (charcoal grill) concept that serves fresh and live seasonal seafood on skewers are flown in direct from the seafood market in Tokyo and slow-grilled over searing hot charcoal.

Address: #01-08/09, 991B Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119970
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun  11:30AM–3PM, 6–10:30PM

5. Hokkaido Sushi (M Hotel Singapore)

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant is a hidden gem located on the ninth floor of M Hotel in Tanjong Pagar and it boasts a 14-seat sushi counter, 4 private function rooms and a massive dining area. The restaurant serves a fine selection of modern and traditional Japanese cuisine, with its seasonal ingredients and fresh fish air flown in daily from the first-class purveyors and markets internationally. The Hokkaido Ala Carte Buffet menu is divided into these 8 categories – appetizers, sashimi, sushi, maki (sushi roll), temaki (handroll), fried food, pan-fried dishes, grilled food, noodles and rice. The restaurant is also famous for its traditional Omakase options, serves the legendary Ohmi gyu which is Louis Vuitton of wagyu beef and also seasonal fish imported fresh from Tokyo’s famous Tsukij fish market. If you enjoy your sweets, don’t forget to try their decadent Hokkaido cheesecake, creamy green tea and red bean panna cotta  or refreshing plum wine jelly!

Address: 81 Anson Rd, Level 9, M Hotel, Singapore 079908
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30AM–2PM, 6–10PM

6. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Upon your entrance to Ikoi Japanese Restaurant at Hotel Miramar, don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel as though you’ve teleported over to a legit local sushi restaurant in Japan. The small, cozy interior of the restaurant is filled with traditional Japanese decorative items that creates a rather warm and inviting ambience. The restaurant offers an comprehensive selection of traditional Japanese dishes and drinks on their ala carte buffet menu. Big time sashimi lovers would go crazy feasting on an endless supply of extremely fresh and generously thick slices of yellow tail, sword fish, tuna and salmon sashimi. They also serve a huge selection of noodle and rice dishes like udon, soba, Katsu don (breaded-fried pork on rice), the usual sushi offerings (temaki, maki, nigiri), grilled meats and side dishes like steamed edamame, chawanmushi, and tofu salad. They also have quite an extensive drinks menu with a variety of Matcha combinations, non-alcoholic drinks and typical Japanese alcoholic beverages like beer, sake, shochu, liqueur and umeshu.

Address: 401 Havelock Rd, #01-01, Hotel Miramar, Singapore 169631
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30AM–2:30PM, 6–11PM


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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Woodford nicholas john says:

    What’s the price

  • I went to have the sashimi buffet today at Mitsuba. Sat down around 12:04, service was prompt, and I hungrily ate a few plates of sashimi that tasted odd and progressively felt sickening as I ate more. The only fish that was fresh was the salmon. The rest of the fish was either slightly sour or muddy in texture. The ika was definitely past its expiry and the wasabi was off as well (powdery and lost its pungency). There were not a lot to choose from, only 5 types of fish.

    My friend was late, so 15 minutes into my meal I texted her to choose another restaurant in the building for her lunch because the sashimi experience was vile. While I was eating, I witnessed a chef behind the counter reprimanding the staff and threatening to cut some dollars off staff salary for not switching off the AC at closing time the evening before. I really felt bad for them and decided that I will not comment or complain about the food. They must be having a bad time with their business and losing money, was what I thought.

    Their sashimi were god awfully thin, less than 5mm thickness and it was consistent with the miserly warning by the chef to his staff. The fish was bad and I had a miserable time. It was upsetting because I didn’t expect this trashy quality, or at least have a decent selection too. I know for a fact that I would have had a far better experience with supermarket sushi or the conveyor belt sushi restaurant.. Mitsuba was really bad and I am very sad for them that I have to write such a grave review.

    When my friend arrived I hurriedly closed my bill at 12:33 and wanted to leave, but she decided to grab a quick a la carte lunch so I waited. We escaped downstairs for coffee as soon as we could. Around 15:10 as I was leaving the building, a sudden explosion of diarrhoea shook me as I was descending towards the Clarke Quay MRT station. It was a horrendous mess! This caused me huge inconvenience and I was 30 minutes late for my next meeting due to the mess it caused. My tummy was queasy till 18:00 and I was on standby for the toilet the entire time.

    I called the restaurant at 16:16 and spoke to a staff named John, he insincerely promised to relay the message to a manager (but told me that it takes 3-4 hours for food poisoning to happen). While he didn’t even bother to take down my number or name, I made sure I gave it to him. My friend followed up with a call to let them know what happened later too. Their response was astounding!! They now say it takes 8 hours for food poisoning to happen so it is not their fault. I know the meal I had before lunch were 2 fresh eggs at 06:00 and it did not taste like sick fish!

    This was the review that got me to the restaurant. I am sorry it is just not credible. I read it this morning while choosing where to go. The winning line said “Mitsuba is widely known for serving unlimited thick slabs of fresh sashimi goodness when you choose their Premium A La Carte Buffet.” Boy it was a lie!!

    The meal ruined my first day in Singapore, I soiled my clothes and lost appetite for dinner. They refuse to take any accountability and so I will simply share it online. I paid $43+ for this bullshit.

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