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TL;DR – Lim kopi, Starbucks style.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker and love spending time at cafes with a book in hand while sippin’ on your cuppa… Then you’ll definitely enjoy having your coffee at these Starbucks branches.

1. Starbucks Resort World Singapore, Singapore

The flagship Starbucks Reserve™ store is located on Sentosa Island in Resort World Singapore (RWS). This definitely isn’t your typical Starbucks store as the Starbucks Reserve™ stores only serve coffee made from exotic beans from a limited few countries, which are available in limited quantities and based on the seasons. The Starbucks at RWS makes use of two of the world’s best coffee preparation methods, the pour-over and the French coffee press to showcase the unique characteristics of each coffee and also to enhance its flavour nuances.

2. Starbucks Masaryk Spencer, Mexico City

The Masaryk Spencer Starbucks store in Polanco was the 100th branch to open in Mexico City. The three-storey store showcases an eclectic Californian vibe with elements of Art Deco which was inspired by the 1930s house that the store was built in. They even have a cozy rooftop patio for customers to chill or do work.

3. Starbucks Tukwila, Washington

This highly ec0-friendly, industrially-designed Starbucks Drive-Thru and Walk-up Store located in Tukwila, was built entirely from four recycled shipping containers that were previously used to ship the coffee beans. This store only has 42 sq. m of interior space and has minimal space for indoor seating. However, customers can walk-up to the counter, order a cuppa and hang out at the spacious outdoor seating area.

4. Starbucks Chengdu, China

This extremely oriental storefront of Starbucks in Chengdu, China gives off a more traditional Chinese tea house vibe instead of a modern American-style coffee shop vibe. The exterior boasts a distinctively upturned, curved design of Chinese-style roofs with a wooden-door entrance that has Chinese sign suspended with ‘Starbucks Coffee’ written on it. If this doesn’t makes you feel like you’re going back in time of the Tang Dynasty, I don’t know what else will!

5. Starbucks Zurich, Switzerland

What else can I say except that it’s a Starbucks train?! #takemymoney #letsgonow

6. Starbucks Ubud, Bali

If you ever find yourself in Ubud, Bali, you should definitely make the trip up to this gorgeously breathtaking Balinese Village that overlooks the beautiful mountainous ranges and lush green fields. This branch of Starbucks has given up its classic bright white-green logo for a subdued orangey-brown wood-carved signage to incorporate the local Balinese culture in its design. This Starbucks has been built in an old storehouse and has an outdoor patio for its patrons to soak up the picturesque view of a temple and a gigantic lotus pond. If you stick around the store till evening, you’ll not only be able to watch the gorgeous sunset, but also be entertained by a traditional Balinese dance performance.

7. Starbucks Colorado, Denver

This branch located in Colorado is a new kind of drive-thru and walk-up concept store, which at first glance is architecturally similar to the Tukwila one. It is the first of its kind to be established in Denver and this particular one is an environmentally-friendly, pre-fabricated store with modular rooms that would be big enough to fit up to five employees and the essential coffee apparatuses.

8. Starbucks Canary Wharf, London

This ‘on-the-go’ concept cafe is situated in Canary Wharf (which is in the heart of London’s major and busiest business hub) is the first of its kind to open in Europe. The open layout of the store features a seamless walk-through, order, pay (at the store or via mobile) and pick-up experience with a streamlined touchscreen menu presented at an early order point. There are limited tables and seats which are strategically arranged all around the peripheries of the cafe and also on the outdoor area of the main entrance which in turn creates more space for customers to easily walk in and out.

9. Starbucks Toyama (Fugan Unga Kansui Park), Japan

This particular Starbucks located within the compounds of Fugan Unga Kansui Park in Toyama, Japan has been nicknamed the ‘most beautiful Starbucks’ in the world. The store was built on the spot where a canal was originally located and it is a convenient 15-minute walk away from the Toyama train station. The unobstructed, glasshouse design allows customers to fully admire its surroundings according to the seasons and take in the gorgeous view of clear blue skies, green pastures, gorgeous flowers, magnificent foliage, snow or even the crystal blue lake.


10. Starbucks Rangsit (AutoMall), Thailand


This prominent Starbucks Drive-Thru located next to the Auto Mall in Rangsit, Thailand is approximately 23m in height and is towering above the Viphavadi-Rangsit highway. For me to say that this branch is visually eye-catching would definitely be an understatement. It definitely scores high points in the aspect of marketing and advertising, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if drivers on the highway are subconsciously attracted and lured into driving through to pick up a cuppa.

11. Starbucks Chiang Mai (Kad Farang Mall), Thailand

This exclusively designed Lanna-style (traditional Northern Thai style) Starbucks is located up in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  The storefront’s architecture was inspired by an indigenous Lanna-style Buddhist monastery with its intricately designed roofs. It is the only Lanna-style store in Thailand which is within the compounds of a community-mall called Kad Farang or Westerners Market.

12. Starbucks Damrak, Amsterdam

This unique Starbucks store is built inside of an historic bank vault in Damrak, Amsterdam. Starbucks chose to leave the exterior of the bank pretty much untouched with the huge “BANK” sign hovering on top of the added Starbucks Coffee signage and logo. The interior includes antique Delft tiles, wallpaper made by recycling the inner tubes of bicycle tyres, refurbished oak furniture and restoring the Bank’s original concrete-marble floor. The store also has a bakery at the back of the store and a platform for people to perform music or spoken word performances.

13. Starbucks Dubai (Ibn Battuta Mall), UAE

This extravagantly, Persian-inspired Starbucks is located in the world’s largest themed mall called Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. The extremely stunning yellow and blue mosaic-tiled dome shaped ceiling, walls and overhead lights are definitely a showstopper. There is a sparse seating area and the unfamiliar Arabic-writing of the green and white Starbucks Coffee signage is exceptionally intriguing.

14. Starbucks Gilmore Gas Station, Los Angeles

It would be pretty hard to believe that just a couple years ago this fresh, funky-looking, art deco inspired Starbucks drive-thru was actually an abandoned gas station which was left vacant and to the point of disrepair for almost 20 years. There was a team of designers and consultants that came together to restore, preserve and replicate various structures and details of the old gas station while still providing customers with a fully-functional Starbucks experience. It is definitely a one-of-its-kind-instagram-worthy location!

15. Starbucks Pike Place, Seattle

Now we definitely cannot forget the origins of Starbucks and it all began right here at this very store located near the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. This was the flagship store filled with rich history that opened in 1971, even up to now this coffeehouse has still retained its original signage, logo, hardwood floor, lighting and even its counter tops with slight improvements done to the interior of the building. #mustvisit


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