Hawker food delivery service WhyQ launches, and netizens are questioning its hygiene standards

By March 20, 2017Current

TL;DR – Why Q? Cause your food’s cleaner that way.

TODAY uploaded a video yesterday, showcasing new food delivery service WhyQ that’s targeted at office workers in the CBD who want their hawker food for lunch but don’t want to queue. The service pools orders from hawker centres and food courts in the area then delivers them to offices at a delivery fee of S$1.50 per order.


After watching the video, what kinda disturbed me was…

The hygiene standards.

Or rather, the seemingly lack of.

I admit, I can be quite particular when it comes to food handling and so, the repeated placing of cooked food on the floors of hawker centres, roadsides and lift lobbies really disturbs me.

And going by the comments on Facebook, I don’t think I’m alone.


Maybe a food handling course for the delivery crew (technically, they are handling food even though they are not involved with the preparation) should be included in their induction?


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