What do flight attendants notice about passengers when you board the plane?

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TL;DR – Yes, they ARE checking you out.

Ever felt that the flight attendant’s giving you a once-over as you board the plane?

Well, you’re not imagining it but no, they are not judging you by the clothes you wear (or aren’t wearing).

According to this Quora thread, flight attendants typically look out for passengers who are unfit to fly, those who may potentially cause delay causing issues, as well as those who may require special assistance.

Here’s what you might want to know:

1. They may deny intoxicated passengers from boarding

“This is anyone who is drunk or on drugs, because this can pose a potential safety and security issue. In the event we may need to evacuate the aircraft, the goal is to do so in 90 seconds, and I don’t want to unnecessarily risk my life or the life of others because a drunk or high person is being uncooperative.”

So you might want to cut back on the pre-flight bubbly before departure.

2. You might also not be allowed to board if you’re very sick

“For example, I’ve had passengers board who look pasty and pale, deathly ill.  (We removed them; nobody wants their flu germs!)”

3.  Passengers who require special assistance

“If we have passengers who are in need of a wheelchair, deaf, blind, a child traveling alone, or another reason they may require extra assistance during an emergency. We make a mental note of this. This way, if anything were to happen, I want to make sure they are not left behind.”

4. They also look out for muscular, powerful, strong, physically fit people

Not that there will be a Manhunt pageant onboard but if you’re buff, you might be considered a “resource”.

“In the event of an attack on the flight or on me, these are my “go-to” people.  If a situation looks like it could develop, I’ll privately and discreetly ask one of these people if they would be willing to help us if necessary.  Help might involve subduing or restraining an unruly passenger.  We hope it never happens, but we will prepare just in case it does.”


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