Woman loses it at Tiong Bahru optical shop and hits sales staff on duty

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TL;DR – The police are looking into this matter.

You might have already seen this crazy video circulating Facebook, involving a middle-aged woman hitting a young female staff at an Owndays optical shop, seemingly over a bracelet that she has lost in the store.


The 5-minute video has since been shared over 46,203 times in a span of 3 hours.

While we don’t know the cause of her anger, several netizens have pointed out that the bracelet actually dropped from her wrist when she was hitting the staff relentlessly.

The Singapore Police Force has been notified and according to a Facebook comment, a 45-year-old woman has been arrested and investigations are ongoing.


Update 1: The chain of optical shops has responded to this incident on Facebook.

Update 2: According to this source,, here’s the background story.

According to a witness, Sheralyn Lee, who was at the scene yesterday, the misunderstanding started in a train where an Indian lady and another lady, presumably of PRC descent, alighted at the same station. It was not clear what exactly transpired, but it escalated to the point where the Indian lady chased the PRC lady, and the latter had to seek help from staff members at Owndays.

Two staff members from Owndays then decided to call the police after they too were assaulted. The Indian lady had also used crude remarks to refer to the Chinese race.

After security had stepped in, the Indian lady went on further to accused the staff of ‘stealing’ her black bracelet which had in fact fallen off her wrist when she was assaulting the staff members.

Members of the public stepped in to calm the situation while awaiting the arrival of the police.

Police said they were alerted to the incident just before 10pm and that investigations are ongoing.


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