The Last Of The Muah Chee Stalls Still Standing In Singapore

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TL;DR – Save the Muah Chee!

The humble Muah Chee (麻糍) is a glutinous rice cake made with hemp-seeds and it is a traditional snack eaten in Singapore. You could say that the Singaporean-version is a pimped up version of Japanese mochi with an added textural element from the crunchiness of peanuts and sugar that coats the sticky rice cakes. In recent days, it is becoming less common for people to find shops specifically selling this snack (hence Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost’s campaign to save the Muah Chee) and after much Internet-trawling and asking around, we only managed to find only TWO of these artisanal Muah Chee shops remaining in Singapore. The Muah Chee sold at these two shops taste extremely different from mass-produced ones that you can find sold in shopping malls. So do check them out and show them some support while they are still around!

1. Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee

The owner of Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee, Mr Teo, has his stall set up at the food court of Gourmet Paradise at the HDB hub in Toa Payoh. Your order of Muah Chee is physically prepared by hand-stretching the glutinous rice dough before pinching piece by piece off with fingers (instead of snipping pieces off with a scissors) rolling it into balls, dipping it into fragrant scallion oil and dunking it into a pit of finely grounded black sesame or peanuts. They are served in a traditional plastic take-away box or on a plate.

You are guaranteed daily freshness (with sweat and tears included), because the glutinous rice dough takes more than seven hours to prepare, the peanuts are then toasted and grinded with its skin on which results in highly aromatic grounds.

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There are 3 sizes in which you can choose from small ($2.50), medium ($3.50) and large ($4.50). Mr Teo’s Muah Chee is SO good that is it has been rated “die die must try” in the Makansutra Singapore food guide book!

Stall 21, #B1-01
HDB Hub Gourmet Paradise Food Court
480 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 310480

Opening Hours:
Monday- Sunday


2. Heavenly Snacks (天下小吃)

Heavenly Snacks (or 天下小吃) is operated and owned by Mr Andy Tan at Blk 79A on Circuit Road. Mr Tan seems to have perfected the art of making Muah Chee by his countless attempts of experimentation through trial-and-error. He adopted an unconventional method of using an electric blender to mix the dough, steams the glutinous rice dough in individual trays and insists on cutting up the individual pieces by hand with a plastic spatula cutter so that every piece would be the same bite-sized portion.

There are two choices of Muah Chee available in white (which is made with white peanut) at $2.50/box or black (which is rolled in black sesame) at $2.80/box. The take-away boxes have been beautifully designed to appeal and capture the attention of the younger generation.   


Blk 79A Circuit Road #01-106.

Opening Hours:

11.30am to 7.30pm (or while stocks last)

Closed: Mondays


If you know of any other stalls around, please let us know!


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