14 old school candies to give us all the feels

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TL;DR – Who still remembers these?

Those were the days where we’d be able to buy sweets and candies for 5 or 10 cents from our local mama shop after school. I grew up in the 90s and these sweets were the center of my childhood and also the reason why my dentist would lecture me for getting a tooth decay. Just writing this brought back so many nostalgic memories for me, hope it does for you too!

1. Sochews Candy Sticks

I remember these being sold for 10 cents per stick from the nearest provision shop and I would buy a handful of these to chew on as I made my way back home from school.

2. Pushpop Candy

I remember Push Pop being the trendiest sweet back then where we would consume the candy a little at a time and ‘save the rest for later’. It would totally stain my tongue and would leave my pocket sticky if I forgot about it. Up to now, I still remember the ad jingle “Don’t push me, push a push pop!”.

3. Ring Pop

I remember wearing the ring pop and pretending to show off my ‘bling’. Kids would suck on the rings and it would leave their fingers all sticky. It was all the rage until Push Pop was introduced.

4. Bobdog Candy Sticks

I’m pretty sure everyone had pretended to ‘smoke’ these Bobdog Cola cigarettes at one point or another.

5. Warheads Sour Candy

Remember how we would challenge each other to see how many of these warheads we could fit in our mouths before squirming cause it got too sour?

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6. White Rabbit Candy

When I was a kid, I always thought it was cool that I was eating ‘paper’ until I found out much that I was eating rice paper all along. These White Rabbit candies was super addictive.

7. DiDi Milk Tablets

These addictive melt-in-your-mouth milk tablets was my pseudo-source of calcium.

8. Ovaltine Candy

The malty and chocolatey Ovaltine candy that would melt in our mouths and always get stuck between our teeth.

9. Happy Plum Candy

This used to be one of my favourite sweets and I remember buying them from the neighbourhood mama-shop at 5 cents per piece. It’s a hard honey candy coated around a salty preserved plum and you have to suck on it till you reach the salty-sour center.

10. Pop Rocks


This was definitely one of the coolest candies that existed back then. I’m sure we all loved placing the pop rocks on our tongues in anticipation for the ‘mini explosions’.

11. Jelly Cups

Remember how these would come in gift-packs at birthday parties, sports day and Children’s Day events? My favourite trick is to pop them in the freezer to get them all frozen!

12. Eyeglass Milk Bean Chocolate

I remember pretending to put these on my eyes like a mask at a fancy-dress and also pretending that these chocolate-coated beans were ‘medicine tablets’. These were around before Smarties and M&Ms became popular.

13. TORA Chocolate

This is the heartland low-budget version of Kinder Surprise (minus the chocolate egg plus the free toy) combined.

14. Whistle Candy

I remember how students would buy this whistle candy to annoy the hell out of everyone in class by sneakily whistling and pretending that they didn’t know who did it. Come on, I’m sure you did that too!


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