May Day Rally 2017 in pictures

TL;DR – It comes down to three things – jobs, jobs and jobs.

We attended the May Day Rally 2017 at Our Tampines Hub and here’s what happened.

A group shot with flag bearers and participants. Tripartism in Singapore refers to the collaboration between unions, employers and the Government. Our unique tripartite partnership is the secret to promoting harmonious labour-management relations which have boosted our economic competitiveness. (via PM Lee’s Facebook)

Robot interacting with the emcees. PM Lee says prospects are bright in the logistics industry – which, together with the transport industry, employs nearly 250,000 workers – because of technology, robotics and data analytics.

Workers can no longer assume one or two jobs will carry them through their entire careers. Instead, they will need to get used to transiting between different careers, and between industries, says NTUC Secretary-General, Chan Chun Sing.

“If we think that we do not have to push ourselves further, that we do not have to work hard, we are kidding ourselves.” – PM Lee, May Day 2017

It comes down to three things – jobs, jobs and jobs, but in three different ways. i) Help businesses create new jobs ii) Place displaced workers in alternative jobs and iii) Train workers to grow in their current jobs

Regardless of your business and employment models – we will reach you. *cues Liam Neeson*



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