Melaka or Malacca? It’s now officially ONLY Melaka

TL;DR – There will only be one.

Do you find yourself deciding between Melaka and Malacca whenever you have to type the name of the Malaysian city (of good food)?

Well, the Melaka state government has decided that there will only be “Melaka” from now on.

“Malacca”, which is commonly used in English, will cease to be used and instead will be replaced with “Melaka”.

“This is intended to standardise the use of the name ‘Melaka’ whether in writing or when mentioning in the media, especially in English,” said Melaka State Secretary Datuk Seri Naim Abu Bakar.

Search instances of Malacca (Screenshot via Google)

One can only think of the numerous difficulties that will come as a result of this.

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