ST forum writer thinks all HDB carparks should have a standard colour

TL;DR – Because signage no enough.

Lately, there has been much talk about equality in Singapore. We should make every pre-school a good pre-school, birthday parties should be abolished and the latest according to ST forum writer Mak Seck Hong,

Just so you know, motorists can “locate them with ease”.

Here’s the entire letter in full,

The Housing Board’s Remaking Our Heartland programme was announced recently, with nine towns and estates identified for renewal (Toa Payoh to get new flats, new parks in makeover; April 23).

The facelift would include additional multi-storey carparks to cater for new residents and visitors.

The HDB should look into the feasibility of having a common and easily recognisable colour scheme for all the new and existing multi-storey carparks.

This will not only enable motorists to locate them with ease but also give a fresh and unique look to all the upgraded towns.

Mak Seck Hong

I don’t know about you but the last time I tried to park in a HDB carpark, the ERP gantries made it kinda obvious that it’s a carpark I was entering.


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