This wedding gatecrash takes things to a whole new royal level

TL;DR – Modern-day Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

They say that you’re the king and queen of the night (or day) when you get married and it’s certainly the case for this particular groom in Singapore.

Or specifically, emperor.

Complete with his personal entourage of servants and soldiers.

And of course bevy of princesses, concubines and/or other gorgeous ladies-in-waiting.

(Though the Emperor’s outfit is from the Han dynasty, officials in red are from the Ming dynasty, and the eunuchs and concubines are Manchurian. Just saying.)

This video uploaded by Facebook user and bride, Si Ting, has since garnered over 128,000 views and 2,100 shares, making them quite possibly Singapore’s royal couple of the moment.

Here’s the video of their wedding gatecrash.

We suggest you watch it with sound for full impact:

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