You could lose ALL your iPhone photos by charging it wrongly

By May 24, 2017Tech

TL;DR – Do not wait until the battery is dead to charge it.

According to Brianna Arps, a beauty writer at INSIDER, she lost 33,000 photos and almost everything else on her phone after charging her phone incorrectly.

She was “blasting music” on her phone while it was at 3% battery until it died. She then plugged it into a wall charger and when it turned back on at 5%, she unplugged it again and went back to taking selfies.

“That happened about five times. Like off and on, off and on, off and on,” she says.

Then came the sixth time when her phone did not turn on when she plugged it into the charger. She had to do a hard reset and what appeared was the iPhone Recovery Mode screen, prompting her to connect her phone to iTunes.

iPhone recovery mode

Which she did and after setting up her phone, she realised her entire phone – from photos to contact information – had been wiped. Except a few Notes and the selfies she took before her phone died.

According to an Apple specialist, you should avoiding using your phone during its last few minutes of battery life.

Here are some other tips for your iPhone (and other smartphones):

  • Do not wait until the battery is dead to charge it as this can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan.
  • Charge your phone whenever you can and avoid charging it to 100%. Do not leave it plugged in when fully charged.
  • Always back up your phone (especially photos), ideally to an external hard drive.
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