The Army Open House is back this weekend bigger and better

TL;DR – Think battle rides, exciting dynamic defence performances and more.

The Army Open House is back this weekend after 5 years and you can expect it to be harder, better, faster, stronger.

Pretty much like our NSmen, both past and present, as Singapore celebrates 50 years of national service.

The Army Experience in the City happens this weekend Saturday, 27 May 2017 and Sunday, 28 May 2017 at the F1 Pit Building and offers a vibrant mix of static exhibits, dynamic performances, interactive games and activities. Visitors can also enjoy battle rides in army vehicles such as the Terrex and Peacekeeper Protected Response Vehicle (PRV), or sail down Marina Bay on the M3G military raft and the Larc V amphibious vehicle.

There is also a NS50 Showcase exhibition that charts the evolution of NS and recognises the contributions of national servicemen, through videos, interactive displays and augmented reality technology.

For the first time, the public can try first hand the army’s physical training routines through specially-designed obstacle courses.

Not to be missed also, is the exciting Dynamic Defence Display show which happens twice daily that will give visitors an opportunity to see our soldiers, vehicles and weaponry in action.

Including the crowd-favourite performances by the SAF Military Working Dogs.

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