Video from China insinuates Singapore should be its lapdog

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TL;DR – We, the citizens of Singapore, a sovereign nation.

This video has been going around, both on Facebook and even more so on WhatsApp.

The video started by talking about the recently concluded Singapore-Indian Maritime Bilateral Exercise (Simbex). The video took issue with that the Simbex took place in the South China Sea. It went on to suggest that Singapore should have closer ties with China than any other countries. The reason being that 70% of Singaporeans are Chinese. (There’s an almost-subbed version here for non-Chinese speakers.)

The video than made the claim that Singapore is “rebelling” against China. Its justification? That Singapore had “abandoned” China (放着中国不管) and signed a strategic partnership with India instead. It then claimed that Singapore’s “rebellious” action has infuriated every Chinese around the world (让全球华人感到痛心… 反华简直就已经反到骨子里去了…)

It also made the almost-ridiculous assertion that the Simbex is evidence that Singapore is working with India to cut China off from the maritime trade route through the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Straits.

Towards the end of the video (2:32), the narrator of the video said,

“Even more important (for China) is to carry out counter-attack on these two countries that harbour ill intentions, especially towards Singapore, this tiny country with yellow skin and a black heart. Only when we counter it like we did with Korea, then it will come to its senses and realise who its original ancestors are.”


What’s wrong with this video?

First, the Simbex is in no way against China. The Simbex is an annual exercise which has been held since 1994. That’s 23 years, 23 editions of that exercise. In all that many years, that exercise has never targeted any country. It has always been about deepening understanding between two militaries. Neither Singapore nor India has anything to gain by going to war with China now.

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Second, the strategic partnership between India and Singapore isn’t just about military cooperation. For instance, the strategic partnership included a memorandum of understanding was also signed to enhance cooperation against drug trafficking, and another on cybersecurity, which will see Singapore and India collaborate on technology and research as well as exchange best practices. Another agreement aims to promote collaboration in urban planning and waste-water management.

Lastly, the video makes China sound quite petty and insecure. If China feels threatened because we are holding military exercises with other countries, what does that say about their confidence in their own military power?

Also, if the video really reflects what the leaders in China think, then they sound really childish. It’s like kindergarten kids going, “If you friend him, then I don’t friend you liao!”

Yet there are actually Singaporeans who agree with the video

There are people who say that Singapore shouldn’t be like Taiwan. Instead, we shouldn’t be friendly with USA and India because we are of Chinese stock.


I agree with PM Lee when he said,

“We call ourselves Singaporean first, before identifying ourselves by our race.”

“新加坡华人因地理环境和历史文化的关系发展出自身独特的文化身份。在建国半个世纪后,国人对新加坡的认同感越来越强。在谈到身份认同时,国人首先会肯定自己是新加坡人,然后才是种族身份,所以我们是新加坡华人。 这也是我们在世界舞台上的身份。”

Yes, the ancestors of 70% of Singaporeans may be from China. But does that mean we should be the lapdog of China? When they say jump, we say how high? Roll over and play dead when they order us to? Sit still when they want us to, and follow them around when they ask?

Is that what we want to be?

Do we really want to be a vassal state of China? Never mind that 30% of Singaporeans are not ethnically Chinese? Never mind that we have worked hard to build a multi-racial society that doesn’t just tolerate, but respects, all religions?

And then there are those who like to use this sort of issues as “evidence” that Singapore’s political leadership is incompetent including SDP’s Chee Soon Juan, who has accused PM Lee of being tone-deaf and how Singapore should not aggravate China. Alternative media site, The Independent, is also suspect.

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Ambassador-at-large Bilahari has a great comment to this:

“The so-called ‘Independent’ again playing the useful idiot lending itself to a foreign power’s game. Why should we not conduct an anti-submarine exercise with anyone we want? By the way, I don’t think this is the first time either. You can be pro-government or anti-government but surely you should always be pro-Singapore.”

Let’s remind ourselves that we are a sovereign nation

Indeed, we can and should criticise our government. There are certainly many things that our government fail abysmally at. But we should never let other countries drive a wedge amongst us. We should never let any other country dictate to us who we can be friends with, who we can trade with, who we can have joint military exercises with.


Because we are a sovereign nation. We have our own principles, a strong spine, and iron in our bones.


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  • amy says:

    frankly, i see no point in your over-the-top chest-thumping jingoism

  • Patrick Low says:

    Absolutely agreed it’s childish and insecurity, or thuggish video. LHL haters can’t see anything beyond the personal. China wants to take away our freedom of choice and many Singaporeans just can’t see it. It’s true our educational system aren’t churning out critical thinkers.

  • John says:

    Any idea which publication released the video?

  • lao ah pek says:

    For the sake of world peace, Chinese Communist Party should collapse. I hope to see China to be like USSR, not only they cannot ‘reunit’ with Taiwan but see many of its region being broke away from the evil regime.

  • Red John says:

    Amy would you rather roll over and play dead for the Red Chinese?

  • Calvin says:

    It’s simple… very simple to solve… if China is so jealous.. did China wonder whether Singapore will do military exercise with them… if THEY ONLY ASK…

  • Bern says:

    A threat from a Paper Tiger

  • sl says:

    These are strategies that tries to create issues among Singaporean, create internal discontent among Singaporean. Singapore will be the next Chairperson for ASEAN, They are trying to create a weak and messy Singapore so that we are not able to showcase our leadership in ASEAN. Just be Singaporean, what will comes let it comes as there are numerous factors beyond Singapore control. Earn their money while we can and look forward. every dog will have its day.. At least we dont have to sell power plants, car brands, etc to make others happy.

  • Sinkie 18 says:

    LHL overplayed his hand and acted like a true lapdog of America. China will teach SG a big lesson, a much deserved lesson.

    • Jess says:

      Sinkie 18 – your Commie thoughts have gone berserk ! The esteemed PM LHL, showed to be a true and strong leader. By not being a lapdog to the Communist leadership and thoughts. PM LHL desires our nation to trail the free Democratic thoughts. Rather than the enclosed, self centred and false pride of a commie mind. You should be sent away for rehabilitation, to neutralise your commie brainwashed mind.

    • wewewwewe says:

      and the lesson is…never bow down to prc pressure

  • Chen Ki Yuen Bernard says:

    Dear Sinkie. If LHL is a US lapdog what can the Chinese do to us. Less trade, invade us, send one of their missiles? Stop parroting what was said. Life goes on. We have found ways to survive after WW2, the Indonesian confrontasi, British pull out in 1968, the events of economic shocks and Sars. What affected our generations made us resilent.

  • anti CCP says:

    Sad that some Singaporeans would like to see Singapore being part of the People’s Republic of China.

    Anyway a weaker communist China is good for world peace as they are enemies of democracy, freedom and peace. I hope to see CCP collapse.

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