Media literacy and what it actually means

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TL;DR – Learning how to read the news. 

Local news site uploaded this two days ago on their Facebook page:

This was in reference to a report in Straits Times that nearly half of Yale-NUS pioneer graduates have secured jobs prior to graduation.

While the headline does look rather bleak, the first line of the report actually reads,

Ahead of their graduation, almost half of the pioneer batch from Singapore’s first liberal arts college have secured jobs.

The next line?

Another one-fifth have received offers to pursue graduate studies.

Put together, about 60% of the pioneer batch of Yale-NUS graduates have offers from employers and graduate schools before graduation. I’d say that that’s not bad.

Media literacy starts with actually reading the content

We’re sure the meme was created in jest (to be honest, we found it pretty funny too) but beyond that it certainly reminds us of something more important – that when it comes to consuming news, don’t just read the headline. Read the article too.

And in this case, you didn’t even have to go beyond the first paragraph.

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