These are the 10 most stressful jobs of 2017

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TL;DR – Is your job on the list?

According to an annual report by career and jobs information company CareerCast.com, these are the 10 most stressful jobs in the U.S. right now.  Though we’re guessing it pretty much applies to other first world countries as well.

The factors considered when computing stress levels include:  Travel, Career Growth Potential, Physical Demands, Environmental Conditions, Hazards Encountered, Meeting the Public, Competition, Risk of Death or Grievous Injury, Immediate Risk of Another’s Life, Deadlines and Working in the Public Eye.

In ascending order:

10) Broadcaster

Stress score: 47.93

Growth outlook: -9%

9) Taxi driver


Stress score: 48.11

Growth outlook: 13%

8) Public Relations Executive

Stress score: 49.44

Growth outlook: 7%

7) Senior Corporate Executive

Stress score: 48.56

Growth outlook: 6%

6) Newspaper Reporter

Stress score: 49.90

Growth outlook: -8%

5) Event Coordinator

Stress score: 51.15

Growth outlook: 10%

4) Police Officer

Stress score: 51.97

Growth outlook: 4%

3) Airline Pilot

Stress score: 61.07

Growth outlook: 5%

2) Firefighter

Stress score: 72.68

Growth outlook: 5%

1) Enlisted Military Personnel

Stress score: 72.74

Growth outlook: 0%


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