Nutella Burger and other McDonald’s items that NEED to come to Singapore

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TL;DR – Have McDonald’s, will travel.

Remember how McDonald’s Japan had the chocolate fries that got the world going crazy?


Coated with BOTH milk and white chocolate mmm.

Here are a few other unique items from the different McDonald’s around the world that we wish will make their way to Singapore… PRONTO!

1) Sweet potato ice cream

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From McDonald’s Hong Kong.

2) Sweet potato ice cream ON WAFFLES

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more dope.

3) Oreo soft serve

In an oreo cone. Well done, McDonald’s Mexico.

4) Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

Available in Australia and New Zealand.

And it’s not just desserts we’re talking about…

5) Gourmet Angus truffle & cheese burger

With Angus beef, rasher bacon, shaved parmesan, spinach leaves and “a hint in truffle”, the Australians sure know how to do their burgers right.

6) Chilli cheese tops

I will fly to Finland just for this.

7) Nutella Burger

From McDonald’s Italy. My. heart. cannot.

8) Poutine

Maple & Bacon Poutine from McDonald’s Canada.

9) Green tea ice cream

Hong Kong, again. Complete with green tea Kit Kat too.

10) Carbonara Pie

At least this is just a 2-hour flight away.

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