M Ravi charged with criminal trespass into law firm

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TL;DR – He allegedly tried to break into the office that he used to work at.

Not too long ago, human rights lawyer M Ravi posted a few videos of him talking to some police officers. In those videos, M Ravi threatened to sue the police. He also offered to teach the police how to conduct themselves professionally.

When we saw those videos, we didn’t know its context. Why were the police there? Who called them? What were they investigating? Why was M Ravi so agitated? It turned out that a number of things happened that might have resulted in the police being there.

M Ravi assaulted a former colleague?

It appears that prior to the events in the video, M Ravi had assaulted one of his former colleagues, Charles Yeo. Or so Yeo has claimed on Facebook.

According to Yeo, the police officer investigating Yeo’s allegations have classified the case under Section 323 – Voluntarily Causing Hurt. Apparently, the assault resulted in a cut above Yeo’s eye. As a result of that, Yeo was on MC for two days and it had caused him so much mental stress that he fainted in M Ravi’s office.

If Yeo’s claims were real, then perhaps the police in the videos were not there to investigate any trespassing issues, but were there to investigate M Ravi for the alleged assault on Yeo.

M Ravi trespassed the office of his former law firm

Yeo’s allegations aside, what we do know for a fact is that M Ravi has been arrested and charged for criminal trespass. Here is a video of M Ravi being arrested:

M Ravi allegedly tried to enter the office of law firm Eugene Thuraisingam LLP at People’s Park Complex. In trying to get into the office, M Ravi went as far as to break the locks. Why did M Ravi want to do that? He used to work there.

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Last October, Mr Thuraisingam hired M Ravi as the head of knowledge management and strategic alliance. However, the firm sacked M Ravi in June this year because he became “unmanageable”.

M Ravi is contesting the charges. He told the court he was a “lawful tenant” of the firm’s premises at People’s Park Centre. He claimed that he paid half the rent.

Out on bail

We won’t know whether M Ravi really committed criminal trespass until the court hears the case. Currently, M Ravi is out on bail.

The police prosecutor urged the court to send Ravi to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric assessment. But Ravi argued that since he had an “acute awareness of (his) condition”, is on medication and is able to understand the proceedings and charge against him, so there was no need to remand him at IMH. District Judge Adam Nakhoda agreed with him and granted him bail.


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