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TL;DR – Singapore is a real foodie hotspot!

Few countries have a national cuisine that takes in so many influences as much as Singapore. Whether it’s implementing spices from India or flavours from China, Singapore has become a real foodie hotspot as a result of its cosmopolitan nature.

So if you’ve managed to satisfy your fried chicken cravings, then what are the five iconic Singapore dishes that all visitors must try?

Chicken rice

Everybody in Singapore is obsessed with chicken rice. From opulent restaurants to noisy hawker centres, there’s frantic competition over who can deliver the best version of this national dish.

The ultimate Hainanese chicken rice will feature tender boiled chicken that is cooked in ginger and pandan leaves and is served with a red chili dip. And whilst it might not sound extravagant, just one taste will let you know why this is such a popular dish!

Chili crab

It’s no surprise to find that Singapore excels at seafood. And we’ve also produced perhaps the world’s best crab dish with our famous chili crab delicacy.

Despite its humble origins, this is a rich seafood meal that uses stir-fried crabs with plenty of tomato paste, sambal and eggs to deliver a tangy and tasty treat.

Hokkien prawn mee

This is yet another popular dish that has some definite Chinese influences. With plenty of noodles and lots of prawn, squid and pork belly, this is an ideal street food that’s best served with ample doses of sambal chilli and lime juice.

Despite its apparent simplicity, it can be a pretty tricky dish to completely master. So why not leave it to the professionals and order one in from Deliveroo who cover some of the best restaurants in Singapore.


Although it might not look like the standard salad, the much-loved rojak shows that Singapore cuisine can deliver a salad that’s packed with plenty of interesting flavours.

This sticky salad gets its interesting sweet and savoury taste thanks to the fruits and vegetables like bean sprout, turnips, pineapple and mangos that are cut up and covered in a rich black sauce containing lime, chilis and prawn paste. And with a garnish of chopped peanuts, it’s certainly a salad like no other!

Fried carrot cake

This great dish has a fairly misleading name as it’s savoury and doesn’t contain any orange carrots. But instead it uses white radish and rice flour to produce a moist cake that is enriched with fish sauce and soya sauce and then fried with eggs, prawns and oysters.

And although it might not be the simplest thing to cook at home, with Deliveroo now teaming up with many more restaurants across the nation, it seems that we can all enjoy these classic Singapore dishes with much more ease!


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