You might need to produce 20,000THB in cash the next time you visit Thailand

By July 18, 2017Current

TL;DR – Not so cashless after all.

The next time you visit Bangkok, Phuket or anywhere else in Thailand on a tourist visa, you might need to produce 20,000THB (S$814.60) in cash.

According to a report by news portal Thaivisa, foreigners have been refused entry for not having this cash when entering Thailand. This increased scrutiny is to crack down on foreigners who officials suspect are not genuine tourists and who may be working in Thailand illegally.

In general, Singaporeans are entitled to a 30-days visa exemption when visiting Thailand. As for tourist visas, they may be granted to short term visitors who intend to stay in Thailand for 60 days per trip or less. The Single-Entry Tourist Visa is valid for entering Thailand once within 3 months from the date of application.

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