Price of durians reach 33-year record high

By July 24, 2017Current

TL;DR – Even our national fruit’s setting records. 

We Singaporeans love our durians and are often willing to fork out good money for them but when is expensive too expensive?

According to durian sellers, the price of the king of fruits is now at a 33-year record high with the most expensive Mao Shan Wang going at $38 per kg.

The almost-as-popular Golden Phoenix durian is now priced at $32 per kg.

Durian sellers attribute this price hike to poor weather in Malaysia as well as increased demand from other countries such as China.

We guess you could settle for other alternatives such as the Durian Pizza from Pezzo which features real durian flesh or my personal favourite, the Mao Shan Wang soft serve from Four Seasons, though we’re pretty sure that Singaporeans being Singaporeans, will remain undeterred by the high prices of the fruit.

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