5 Reasons Why President Halimah’s Marriage Is #relationshipgoals

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TLDR; Anyone else’s relationship needs rethinking?

Before she took on one of the land’s highest offices, one might have easily brushed by President Halimah and her petite frame on the street without a second thought. But behind her petite frame lies the story of a strong-willed woman with a big heart and a marriage to be envied.

While keeping up with the demands of an illustrious career and being a mum to a big brood of five, we can’t help but take a leaf out of her book on how her marriage is #relationshipgoals

1. Married her university sweetheart

He was a physics major.

She read law.

Sparks flew and the rest is history.

Both graduated from the University of Singapore and got married two years after that.


2. They turned their house into a home

When they first got married, both were too poor to afford a house and so they started off by renting a flat. Together, they eventually saved up enough and bought a $75,000 five-room flat in Tampines. That was the start of building a home and family together.

And they’ve been living the HDB life, yes in Yishun, for at least a good 30 years. If she would have her way, it looks like they’ll want to continue the HDB life.


3. He supported her through a demanding union career

President Halimah started her career at the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) in 1978, where she joined as a legal officer so she could represent workers and “fight for a just cause”.

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In her 33 years of dedication to the Labour Movement, she pioneered the Back-to-Work programme that helped thousands of women re-skill and return to the workforce. She rose to head NTUC’s legal services unit and served as NTUC’s Assistant Secretary-General from 1999 to 2007 and then as Deputy Secretary-General until 2011. She broke ground when she became the first woman to be appointed Speaker of Parliament in 2013 and since 1999, has been the first Singaporean to be on the governing body of the International Labour Organisation.

Her husband, Mr Mohammed Abdullah Alhabshee, worked at home more during nights so he could help take care of the family while she navigated a demanding union career.

President Halimah in 1977 when she was director of NTUC’s legal services unit (via)

4. They have 5 kids!!!

Between their busy careers and raising their family, the loving couple have 5 children! You heard that right! Although President Halimah seldom reveals information about them, they have 2 sons and 3 daughters and are between the ages of 26 to 35. Nope, she said they’re not grandparents yet.

President Halimah and her husband are big on communal living as well and wanted to reinforce to her children the importance of taking care of elders.

5. Because behind every woman…

Nawwwww…. He is clearly her pillar of support. We think this picture says it all.



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