Baker @missgoob stands up to customer who refused to pay 50 cents for cake topper

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TL;DR – Can buy $185 cake, cannot pay 50 cents for cake topper.

You might know Wong Jie Hui or better known as @missgoob on Instagram, with some 79,000 followers, presumably because of the gorgeous custom baked cakes (or kek as you will soon discover) she sells.

On Sunday 17 Sep, Jie Hui met a customer who took a 50-cents cake topper from her shop because “JUST GIVE IT TO ME LA.”

To be more specific, he actually said, “AIYAH, CANNOT GIVE IT TO ME MEH.. We already buy your expensive kek, this one fifty cents only, CANNOT GIVE IT TO ME MEH, JUST GIVE IT TO ME LA.”

Jie Hui then took it to Facebook and microblogging site Dayre to share why she thinks The customer is NOT always right.

The post is rather lengthy so let us summarise it for you:

1) She begins by explaining that she is in the customer service line and that she understands that customer satisfaction and experience is of utmost importance.

2) And being a baker for five years and counting, she delivers every order to the best of her ability. “I DO MY TAMADE BEST FOR EVERY KEK.”

3) She had taken an order for a $185 unicorn cake from a female customer, E, to be collected on Sunday morning 11am as discussed and agreed upon.

Said cake which is indeed very pretty

4) E called her at 10:21am to ask if she can collect the cake early.

5) At 11:26am, a man came to collect the cake while she was adding the finishing touches. When asked if he needed any candles, he said yes but asked if they have the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY kind” shown below.

Happy Birthday Candle

6) They do have it – and it’s on sale – but he’d still have to pay for it. Which he refused.

7) He then reached out for the plastic ‘Happy Birthday’ toppers on the counter and exclaimed, “Then this one leh? Also have to pay ah!”

50-cent cake topper which he refused to pay for

8) He also started raising his voice when she told him that the cake topper costs 50 cents.

9) That’s when he shouted, “AIYAH, CANNOT GIVE IT TO ME MEH.. We already buy your expensive kek, this one fifty cents only, CANNOT GIVE IT TO ME MEH, JUST GIVE IT TO ME LA.”

That’s not the best part.

10) He then took the cake topper and put it in his pocket.

Because, “I paid for the kek already leh, still need to pay for this meh!! Can’t you just give it to me!!”

11) But she stood her ground (even though she was very scared) and told him, “I cannot. It’s fifty cents if you’d like to have it.”

12) The man eventually replied with “AIYAH OK LA OK LA, I BUY LOR I BUY LOR” but not without leaving the shop by swinging the cake over his shoulder “like how Santa Claus carries his red bag full of presents”, probably to show how little he cares about her work.

But guess what?

You can read the full post here:


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