Since stepping down as minister, what has Tan Chuan-Jin been getting up to?

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TL;DR – He’s still very busy.

A lot of Singaporeans, including us, were surprised when PM Lee announced the appointment of Mr Tan Chuan-Jin as the Speaker of Parliament, a position vacated with Mdm Halimah becoming President. He was then the Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF), and supposedly part of the core 4th generation leadership. Some felt that he would not be stretched to his fullest potential in his new role.

However, it seems like Mr Tan has been just as busy, albeit in other ways. We stalked him on his took a look at his Facebook page to see what he’s been up to these days.

Very much involved in various community causes

He was at the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk.


Raising money with his photography for NTUC’s Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE).


Biggest cheerleader for Singapore sports

Mr Tan is still the Chairman of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC). He was at the airport to welcome our para-atheletes home.


Engaging in dialogue with different sectors

Even though he’s not an architect, Mr Tan had a dialogue session with architects at the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Inspirational Talk Series. He talked about our constraints and how it forced us to think out of the box and push design boundaries.


And while he’s no longer the Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Tan is still doing his part contributing to the development of the social services sector. He spent a few hours in conversation with about 40+ participants on the Social Leadership Singapore programme.


Still very much a soldier

We all know that Mr Tan started his career as a soldier. And while you can take him out of the armed forces, it seems like you can’t take the soldier out of him. He’s been back to SAF for various events.

He spent a few hours at the army’s Battalion RSM Course, discussing leadership ideas and how it translated into action on all fronts.


He also launched a ship for the Navy.


Still the MP leading Marine Parade GRC

As expected, Mr Tan is still very actively involved in the Marine Parade GRC. That means he’s still busy visiting his residents,


Giving out mooncakes,


And this is perhaps his most critical and challenging work, where he has to face problems that he can’t solve.


All the way, Mr Tan!

We are glad to see that Mr Tan is still contributing to Singapore in a different capacity. We are also glad to see that he seems happy doing what he’s doing.

We wish Mr Tan all the best! All the way, Mr Tan!

(Featured image via Facebook)


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