Miss I Not Stupid? You can now catch it again

TL;DR – Can’t believe it’s been 15 years.

Although it’s been 15 years (!!!) since Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid and Talking Cock The Movie (2002) by Colin Goh and Joyceln Woo, I believe many of us still have fond memories of both movies which are highly relatable to Singaporeans.

I Not Stupid is a box office hit that chronicles the lives of three Primary 6 EM3 students, covering from personal perils to the pressures of national policies. As for Talking Cock The Movie, it is based on TalkingCock.com (who still remembers this site?), a satirical site featuring articles related to current affairs and political issues.

As aptly described by the Singapore International Film Festival where both films will be screened at, the two domestic dramas sparkle with originality and confidence as they poke good-natured fun at Singaporeans, their obsessions, and local politics – an approach rarely seen in Singapore in 2002.

The 28th Singapore International Film Festival is on from 23 Nov to 3 Dec. Details here.

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