Family visits KidZania, leaves 1* review as staff shouted at autistic child

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TL;DR – They say they provide an inclusive environment for those with special needs.

For the unfamiliar, KidZania is an indoor theme park at Sentosa. It is a replica town where children get to work through different role-play activities and earn play money.

Facebook user Julianawarti Jumali visited the park recently and in a one-star review on the facility’s Facebook page, talked about how her child who has autism got “slightly agitated” while waiting for his turn and the staff at the camera shop station then shouted at him.

In case you can’t see the full post, it reads,

My Son is 6 and is diagnosed with Autism.
We visited Kidzania a couple of days ago and it wasn’t a pleasant experience towards the end. 
My Son was rather frustrated by the wait (he had been waiting for his turn the previous stations and he was calm throughout but got slightly agitated after a while), and he decided to shout in protest. 
I was about to calm him down when one of your staff who was stationed in camera shop actually reacted by shouting back. Now I am not sure if that was a reaction to show her surprise or she was trying to shush my child.
I saw so many other older children, mostly teenagers who were extremely loud and rambunctious, so I hardly think my Son made noise that was any louder or shocking than them.
I think it’s only fair to wait for our turn, in fact it is a good learning opportunity for my Son. However I think the way your staff behaved including some others who stared at my Son who was stimming (he had to jump in circles to shake off his anxiety) is rude and quite unprofessional.
I see that you have indicated Kidzania as an inclusive environment for those with special needs. I don’t think inclusiveness is just limited to facilities (for eg, ease of movement for wheelchairs) but also Behavioural and attitudes. I am very disappointed.

KidZania has yet to reply.


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