A day in the life of an aesthetics doctor

TL;DR – When your job’s about making people look good.

When I was first introduced to Kellyn, I was seriously peeved.

Tuesday. 📸: @sk_shaun

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Like how could someone so intelligent (she’s a doctor), witty, tall (she’s 1.74m) and pretty exist?!

One of the hottest doctors in Singapore, Kellyn commits herself to making people look and more importantly, feel, better about themselves when they walk through the doors of Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic that she’s the founder and medical director of.

How does one juggle doctor duties, running a business, motherhood without looking like they have been hit by a train?

A typical day for Kellyn begins at 6:30am where she’ll get her 7-year-old boy ready for school.

She’ll then try to catch up on the news…

Sunday brunch with this cutie pie #dogsofinstagram#toypoodle#poodlepuppy#poodlelove

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Until her dog chases her for his daily morning walk.

It’s my form of morning exercise which I really have a love-hate relationship with!

Work at the clinic usually starts at about 10:30am and ends around 8pm or later as many patients tend to come by after office hours.

Sundays are strictly reserved for family and personal me time.

What’s the best part about being an aesthetics doctor?

Being able to see the joy on my patient’s face after treatment. Their satisfaction and increased confidence after each treatment keeps me going.

In fact, she would personally recommend her friends and family (whom are often very excited) to get treatments done. There is often a misconception that aesthetic treatments are very painful or invasive but these days, they usually come with minimal downtime,  are generally safe and will produce the natural enhancements people are looking for.

She describes her job as “gratifying” and her most memorable patient to date is this young patient in his late teens who came in with his mother. He had very bad acne scars all over his face, especially on the cheeks and temples. This really affected his self confidence, mood and morale. While they agreed that it’s not possible to completely remove the scars, he was happy to start on an acne scar treatment program that would help reduce the appearance of the scars. By the end of the treatment program, his skin improved way better than expected and naturally he was very happy with the results. Months later, he contacted Kellyn to thank her and told her about how much this meant to him as he is now more confident around his friends and family.

This is the job satisfaction that I get that makes me love my job.

Love these cute and yummy little cupcakes! #sundaylove#unicorncake

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With a soft spot for desserts and flowers, she guesses she would be a florist or patissier if she weren’t a doctor.

However, being a doctor has always been her ambition and I guess, being able to marry both a childhood dream and her love for all things pretty, seems like a pretty good deal.

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Address: 2 Handy Road, #02-09 The Cathay, 229233
Hours: Mon – Fri 10:30AM–8PM
Sat – Sun 10:30AM-4PM
Phone: 6815 9922


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