Get this, there is now Tokyo Banana flavoured Kit Kat!

By November 9, 2017Current

TL;DR – The perfect marriage.

Even if you have never been to Japan, you’d surely have heard of Tokyo Banana.

These banana-shaped sponge cakes that are filled with well, banana-flavoured cream.

Everybody seems to buy them back as souvenirs when they visit Japan.

And of course, you can count on the Japanese to make everything better.

In what appears to be the most perfect marriage in the universe, there is now a Tokyo Banana Kit Kat. The chocolate wafer treat will sandwich the moist creamy banana filling within the crunchy Kit Kat wafers, for “a moist-crunch combination never seen in any other Kit Kat before“.

And to make things even cuter, the chocolate wafer bars resemble a pair of tiny bananas joined at one side and split down the middle with the words “Tokyo Banana” and the signature bow-topped banana logo imprinted on the chocolate.

Kawaii ne!

The Tokyo Banana Kit Kats can be purchased at Tokyo Okashi Land (Tokyo Sweets Land) located at Ichiban-gai inside Tokyo Station from 15 November to 9 January following which the product will be made available at more stores around the Kanto region, including airports, train stations and highway rest areas.

They are available in 8-pack or 15-pack boxes priced at 650 yen (S$7.80) and 1,200 yen (S$14.40) respectively.



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