Why was Lee Cheng Yan even driving tonight?

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TL;DR – Get this man off the road!

Have you seen this man?

If you have seen him, or if you have any information on this person or where he is, do call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000.

At about 9:20pm tonight (Fri), a 26-year-old traffic police officer was just going about his usual work when a car hit him. The officer was carrying out enforcement checks along Bedok Reservoir Road when he stopped the car. Guess what? As the officer was approaching the car, the driver suddenly accelerated the car towards him and escaped.

Yup, hit-and-run. Someone even uploaded videos. You can see how he was still driving recklessly in the second video.

According to the Singapore Police Force, the officer suffered multiple injuries and was taken to hospital. They later found that hit-and-run car abandoned at Cedar Road.

Police established the driver of the car to be Lee Cheng Yan (34).

Recalcitrant man with long history of charges

It looks like Lee Cheng Yan is no stranger to courtrooms and judges.

He had been caught eight(!) times between May 2013 and November 2015 for using his Maserati luxury car with an altered exhaust system.

Earlier in July this year, he landed himself in court again. This time, it was over two counts of using the car which had been altered on July 21 and Nov 21, 2015; one charge each of driving without care and attention, and causing hurt to a motorcyclist by doing an act so negligently as to endanger life. The latter happened along Orchard Road on 9th May 2016.

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Here’s where it gets more interesting. Other than being slapped with maximum fines on the charges, his Maserati was also detained by the Registrar for the maximum period of three months.

Lee was also banned from driving for nine months.

That was on 4th July 2017.

If the ban was for nine months, why was he even driving tonight?


(Updated 18 Nov 2017) Lee has been caught and charged in court.



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