Police raids on illegal brothels, right or wrong?

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TL;DR – Misplaced sympathies.

There was a police raid of an brothel near popular supper spot, Swee Choon Tim Sum, on Friday Dec 8.

According to a Facebook account, the police wore full ski masks and allegedly used battering rams and sledgehammers.

The post has since been deleted but this was what it said,

“Police raid of an unlicensed brothel. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said they use battering rams and sledgehammers. In fact, I saw that they also used a circular saw and wore balaclavas. As Sherry puts it, “they think of their safety first but not the workers”. The whole area smelled like burning metal for a moment. A huge crowd gathered, adding to the spectacle. And to make matters worse, the media was invited and I got to witness first hand how they make the women pose with their faces to the walls in order to shame them.

“This is what your taxpayers money are put to: groups of armed men terrorizing women.”

The Internet is divided on this. Some criticised the police while others defending them for doing their duty.

Law Minister K Shanmugam also spoke on this,

In case you can’t see the post, here’s what it says:

[ Police raids on illegal brothels ]

There have been some comments on the nature of police raids on illegal brothels. They break down doors, wear masks and so on. And that all of this is wrong.

I fully support the Police in their actions and the tactics they have adopted.

Speed and surprise are key elements during raids. Police cannot be expected to knock on the door, and wait for a response.

What do we expect – the gangsters (who might be present) will open the door, and politely admit to their actions? And even if gangsters are not present, we expect the women involved to be co-operative?

And once people know that police will always knock on the door, and wait, then what does one expect in the future?

Police wear masks during such operations because criminal gangs could go for them, if their identities are known. Illegal brothels are often run by criminal syndicates. It’s big business. The men behind it will retaliate, if they can.

I get quite puzzled with the kind of criticisms, and the deeply flawed, misplaced sympathies.

The Police are acting to protect everyone, from illegal vice. We criticise them and instead focus our sympathies on the women involved in the vice trade?

Some of the women are victims themselves – victims of the syndicates.

And there has to be sympathy for such victims. And wherever possible, we should try and help them. But that should not colour our views on what the Police need to do.


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