Eye Makeup Trends You NEED to Try

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TL;DR – Smokey eyes is so yesterday.

There has been a lot of talk recently about squiggly brows. It’s so bizarre, some even say it’s the stupidest eyebrow trend yet.

So here are some REAL eye makeup trends you should try instead.

1. Sunset Eyes


Dubbed the hottest summer trend, sunset eyes took Instagram by storm as beauty junkies created looks with bright tangerine and terracotta. Paying homage to warm summers and tropical skies, you can either go for a bold and ultra-dramatic look or a soft, coppery look with this one. A tip with this one would be to focus the colour on the eyes and keep the rest of your face fresh and dewy.

2. Pink Eyeshadow (Editor’s fave!)


Pink has long been reserved for only the cheeks and lips but pink on eyes is fast becoming legit and super pretty. Celebrity makeup artists say pink eyeshadow is gaining popularity because it is truly a feminine and romantic colour, yet so versatile that is beautiful on every skin tone. The right shade can dictate your look and you can easily transition the look from keep it light during the day and doubling the intensity for the night. A lazy girl hack made popular by Bella Hadid will be to use your blusher and sweep it along the eyes. Who knew?! It’s time to play up those eyes and think pink!

3. Coloured Winged


A classic winged eyeliner is timeless and a coloured wing can instantly uplift your eyes. Celebrities are playing with technicoloured liners such as bold blue, pink and even white. But if ditching your black eyeliner for any other colour stresses you out, a tip would be that a even subtle flick can make your eyes pop. For a soft mauve look, you can opt for a thin line with brown eyeliner for that instant chicness.

4. No Mascara


Some ladies think mascara is a must to looking instantly awake. Taking cues from the runway, the fresh-faced no mascara trend has been in for a while with focus on bare skin. To pull off this bare-faced look, try creating a very nude look with soft pink or coral lips and avoid looking tired by concealing your dark eye circles.

5. Wet, Glossy Lids


High-shine lip glosses are things of the past. Runway makeup artists have been creating mesmerising looks ranging from polished and sophisticated to edgy and grungy with glossy eyeshadows. Go for a couture look with sweet pastels or bright shades; or for a soft and fresh look with more subtle shades. You can easily create this look with dedicated eye glosses from your favourite beauty brands or just sweep some lip gloss over your eyeshadow for the same effect. For contrast in textures to compliment your glossy eye, play it up a bold, matte lip for that finishing touch.


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