David Beckham’s Brooklyn Beckham might be engaged

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TL;DR – Can you hear the sound of my heart breaking?

I don’t know about you but in my mind, the Beckham’s kids to me are well, just kids.

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Maybe it’s because Victoria and David Beckham just don’t seem to age. At all.

But as it turns out, these kids are not so little anymore.

The Internet is now speculating that their oldest son, 18-year-old Brooklyn Beckham, is now engaged to 20-year-old American actress and model, Chloe Grace Moretz.

The couple was spotted on Moretz’s Instagram page wearing matching signet rings on their ring fingers, with one another’s first initials on their fingers.

Moretz also previously shared a post of Brooklyn with the caption, “I will.”

i will

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The couple has been dating on and off for years. They first got together in 2014 before splitting in 2016 but were spotted together again at a party in August 2017. They then started flirting on Instagram, hitting that they have gotten back together before announcing it officially in September 2017 with photos of each other on the social media platform.

Last year though, the couple played a prank on Beckham’s mother, Victoria Beckham, by making her believe that they were engaged. Brooklyn apparently took a photo of “the ring” and sent it to his mom saying, “The rumors are true!”

We’re not sure if it’s a prank again this time round.

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But if it isn’t, we can only imagine the sheer number of hearts broken around the world.

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