Malaysian motorcyclist finds SBS bus driver who helped him at JB customs

By December 28, 2017Current

TL;DR – So fuzzy.

It all started with this Facebook post by Johorian Mohamad Farid Bin Mohammed looking for a “Good Samaritan SBS Driver”.

According to Farid, he ran into some problems with his motorbike on Christmas Day, 25 December 2017. This SBS Transit bus driver then stopped to help him fix his bike by changing the chain. When Farid wanted to give him some money to thank him, he refused and said, “We all work here together, help each other no matter who is them. Just help what ever you can if its happen to you next time”.

Farid then took it to Facebook to thank the good Samaritan and to locate him.

The story got picked up by Channel 8 News,

Where it was spotted by the kind man’s daughter,

Who tagged her father in the post and says (when loosely translated from Chinese to English),

Okay… this gallant, handsome and kind person is my dad 😂😂 He doesn’t expect anything in return except to perhaps exchange numbers on WhatsApp so they can make friends and have coffee together 🙇🏾 Then my dad won’t keep asking me every day what time am I going home 🤣 Sek Then Law

What a heartwarming way to end the year.


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