These are the Most-Googled search terms of 2017 in Singapore

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TL;DR – From movies to travel and local news.

Want to know what’s trending? The best way of course is to know what people are searching for on the Internet.

Google just released its annual Year In Search report, which allows you to filter results by countries.

The results may surprise you.

Top Trending “Near Me” Searches

AXS machine near me. Pro tip, just download the AXS app on your phone. It’s almost like having your personal AXS machine.

Top Trending Gadgets

iPhone 8. The iPhone X comes in a close second.

Top Trending Movies

Wonder Woman.

Top Trending Destinations (“Things to do in”)

Penang. I’m surprised Bangkok isn’t even in the top 5 though.

Top Trending International News

Never knew Singaporeans were such tennis fans.

Top Trending Searches


Top Trending Events in Singapore

Artbox Singapore. Ok, so we still love Bangkok after all.

Top Trending Local News
Nope, it wasn’t 38 Oxley Road…
SEA Games.
Top Trending TV Shows

13 Reasons Why. (Sorry, Mediacorp…)

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