3 problems the colder weather has caused in Singapore

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TL;DR – Some love it, some hate it.

Singapore got quite chilly last week. In the ulu Jurong West, temperatures dropped to a low of 21.4 degrees Celsius. To some, that might as well be freezing cold.

Some love the wet and cold weather (me included). Others absolutely loathe it. Because the cold does cause some problems. Here are three examples:

1. Can’t get food delivered

It’s a Sunday. It’s cold. It’s raining. You just want to stay home, under the blanket. But you are also hungry. So what do you do? You call for food to be delivered. Well. You aren’t alone. Loads of people thought the same way. On Sunday, FoodPanda saw a 12% surge in orders. FoodPanda didn’t predict the surge in orders and wasn’t prepared for it. It didn’t have enough riders to cope with the increased demand. As a result, FoodPanda’s service went down for several hours. Bummer.

2. Floor tiles exploding

Not getting food is quite disastrous. But it could be worse. Imagine being woken up by a loud cracking sound and then seeing that the tiles in your home had “exploded”. That’s apparently what happened in some flats in Punggol, Sengkang, Bukit Panjang, Woodlands, Hougang and Jurong West.


It’s not exactly clear what caused tiles to crack in so many flats across Singapore all at once. One possible reason is poor workmanship. And that could have been made worse by the wet and chilly weather. Mr Tan Chim Hoon, adviser at Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association said:

“Now it’s very cold or very hot. And there’s a little bit of vibration. So this causes the tiles to have no place to expand. Because of this, the tiles all pop up.”

3. Poor NS boys have to shower with “ice water”

Someone posted this on Reddit:

“Every time I turn on the shower at home before the heater kicks in, it literally feels like ice water. How do the NS boys stand showering in camps without heaters? Or do your camps allow you to go home to shower?”

The person who made that comment probably didn’t do NS. As expected, the post got laughed at. Like… Literally.

Response to “how to bath in camp” post

Of course, our NS boys don’t get to go home to shower. And no. There aren’t water heaters in camps. And that’s how it should be. If they can’t take showering in this cold, how will they survive going to war if the need ever arises? And i’m sure our NS boys can tahan it one la. After all, Army Ready Soldier Strong!

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This weather won’t last

Notwithstanding the problems this cool weather brings, some of us do enjoy it. Alas, it might not last. This looks like the weather forecast for the coming week:

It looks like very soon, we might be back to the same old warm humid Singapore… So… enjoy it while it lasts!

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