This cross-cultural wedding shows what it’s like to live in multi-racial Singapore

By January 19, 2018Current

TL;DR – Regardless of race, language or religion.

Living in a harmonious, multiracial country is something we proudly proclaim all the time as Singaporeans. Yet when it comes to inter-racial relationships and marriages, social acceptance remains mixed.

According to Channel NewsAsia, 1 in 5 marriages in Singapore is inter-racial, but fewer than one in four Chinese respondents were accepting of a non-Chinese marrying into the family. And fewer than half of Indian respondents indicated acceptance of a non-Indian, according to the survey by Channel NewsAsia in partnership with the Institute of Policy Studies.

It looks like we still have a while before we have a truly colour blind society, but for now, newly-weds Kelvin and Fiqah took the different cultural aspects of their respective races and bridged them together into one beautiful wedding.

You can watch the full video below and chances are you’ll end up feeling all warm and fuzzy too.


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