SIA insurance auto-inclusion totally shows how much they care about you

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TL;DR – Hur hur.

If you have recently booked a ticket for an SIA flight, you might have noticed that your final bill is a tad higher than what you might expect. Why? You see. SIA truly believes that customers should safeguard their travel plans. That’s why, being the kind helpful airline that they are, SIA has decided to automatically include travel insurance for you.

How sweet of them, right?

Oh. You don’t appreciate SIA’s very kind gesture. What’s wrong with you?! Ok. Fine. You really don’t want the insurance that SIA so kindly automatically included for you? Sure, you can remove it. After all, it’s clearly displayed in the booking summary page. How clearly?

This clearly:

Payment page where insurance is supposedly “clearly displayed” via

Can’t see anything about the insurance? You sure? It’s there! Oh. You need to click to show more details. DUH. You should have known that. If you did, you’ll see this:

There. There’s where you see the insurance included. via

See. So clearly displayed. If you can’t be bothered to click on “More Details” and, as a result, didn’t realise that you had bought insurance along with your flight ticket, then it’s clearly your fault. How can you be so careless?

So easy to remove the insurance. via

See that “REMOVE” right there? Oh. It’s grey. And you thought that grey buttons imply that they aren’t clickable. Now why would you think that? You mean just because grey buttons on most other websites mean they can’t be clicked doesn’t mean that the “REMOVE” button on SIA’s page can’t be clicked. You should have tried to click it before jumping to any conclusions.

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SIA, being our national carrier, just has our best interests at heart. They are just trying to take the best care of us. If they left us to our own devices, we won’t be able to take as good care of ourselves. That’s why SIA must step in with such measures. How wonderfully kind of them!

Oh. You don’t think so? You think that they are doing this to squeeze more money from you. How dare you think that they are doing this because they are desperately trying to increase their revenue and improve their bottomline?

No no no… that’s completely wrong.

You have clearly misunderstood the kind intentions of SIA.

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