Miss Koh Chieng Mun? Guess who will be back in new Toggle’s original series Dance With Me

By February 1, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – The drama also stars Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang.

People who grew up in the 90s will definitely know this familiar line, “Koh Chieng Mun is Dolly”.


The veteran actress and cancer survivor is probably best known for playing mother and housewife Dolly in the sitcom Under One Roof and  previously took a break from showbiz after being diagnosed with breast and kidney cancer in 2005.

In a new Toggle 8-episode drama, she plays a funny and caring single mother who tries to keep up with the times to stay connected to her two daughters. While her daughters are passionate about the arts, she gave up her own artistic pursuits in Chinese opera to bring them up,

The Toggle original series is set against the backdrop of Singapore’s arts and culture scene and follows the lives of a bumbling bank officer and a passionate museum curator, as they grapple with life’s choices while pursuing their dreams.

Bank officer Nat (Shane Pow) hopes to give his university sweetheart Tricia (Foo Fang Rong) the lifestyle of her dreams, but struggles to keep up with her lofty ambitions. Just as their relationship hits the rocks, Nat has a chance encounter with Vanessa (Kimberly Wang), a junior curator at the Asian Civilisations Museum. He gets drawn into her world of art, heritage and dance, one vastly different from his own.

As romance starts to blossom between Nat and Vanessa, they find themselves facing an age-old dilemma and probably what many young Singaporeans can related with –

“Should I pursue the desires of my heart. And at what cost?”

By the way, if you think Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang look really chummy in the drama, that’s probably because the couple are dating off-screen too.

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All 8 episodes of Dance With Me will be available on Toggle from 8 February 2018.


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