6.4-magnitude quake hits Taiwan, topples hotels and buildings

By February 7, 2018Current

TL;DR – At least 2 people are dead and more than 200 injured.

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Taiwan on Tuesday 6 Feb, killing at least two people, injuring more than 100, damaging roads and toppling buildings.


According to authorities, at least four buildings including another hotel had toppled or been damaged.

A hotel and a residential block were the worst hit by the quake in the port city of Hualien and another five more buildings including a hospital had also been damaged.

Landslides triggered by the quake closed some vital highways.

The worst-hit Marshal Hotel in Hualien, eastern Taiwan, partly crumpled into the ground, leaving it slanting on its side, as rescuers on cranes attempted to free people from its upper floors.

Military spokesman Chen Chung-chi said that 88 military members had been dispatched to aid the rescue missions, with 250 more expected to be sent soon.

The quake hit at 11:50 pm (1550 GMT) around 21 kilometres northeast of Hualien, according to the United States Geological Survey and could be felt across Taiwan. It came two days after another strong temblor struck off Taiwan’s east coast.

Taiwan lies near the junction of two tectonic plates — the Philippine Sea Plate to the East and the Eurasian Plate – and is regularly hit by earthquakes.


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