CNA tells you if it’s better to shower at night or in the morning

By February 9, 2018Current

TL;DR – To bathe or not to bathe?

It’s a strange topic to ponder about but probably common enough, judging by the 563 Facebook shares a particular Channel NewsAsia article amassed.

The article answers the question of whether it’s better to shower at night or in the morning, citing research by various experts.

According to sleep experts and dermatologists, showering at night not only washes off the day’s accumulated perspiration and allergens, it can also regulate your body temperature and help induce better sleep.

On the hand, according to a study from Harvard, morning showers can have a perk-me-up effect and lower stress and boost creativity.

The conclusion?

Shower both in the morning as well as night.

This article has also generated quite a bit of discussion and comments:

And probably the most important one,

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