The ultimate guide to hosting awesome Chinese New Year parties

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TL;DR – Dong dong dong chiang.

Every Chinese New Year, we go through the hassle of preparing for feasts with our family and friends and are constantly thinking of how to outdo everyone.

Here’s our guide,

1. Don’t spring clean

Or rather, let the experts to do it. Some part-time cleaners like Helping, Kaodim, AuntieClean start at $20 an hour.

2. Order handcrafted cocktails online to impress ALL your guests

Cocktail delivery service singapore with Concrete Cocktail Co Cocktail delivery service with Concrete Cocktail Co Cocktail delivery service singapore with Concrete Cocktail Co

Did you know that you can order cocktails to your home? Thanks to Concrete Cocktail Co, enjoying fresh handcrafted cocktails at home can now be done at the click of a button.

What better way to up your game when you can impress you guests with alcohol in shades of orange and red for wealth and prosperity?

Choose from Classic Negroni, a classic gin-based cocktail with a mix of bitter Campari and sweet vermouth, Lemongrass Cosmopolitan, a fun and fruity cocktail with a twist of lemongrass, and Cinnamon Sangria, a beautiful wine punch with fresh citrus and a dash of rum.

Each drink is $39 and serves 6 and you can order all 3 drinks for a very reasonable $100. All drinks are packaged in stylish bottles and delivered chilled to your doorstep. Free delivery for all orders (yay!)

All you have to do now is grab a few cups and start pouring.

3. Get healthy Chinese New Year goodies 


Be considerate and provide healthy snacks for older relatives or your health-conscious friends.  You might want to try dairy-, cholesterol-, trans-fat free bakes from Delcies or healthy vegan mixed nuts from Made Real.

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4. Prepare your ang baos in advance

So you can spend your time with your guests and not hiding in the bathroom packing and sorting ang baos.

5. Put on some good music


Don’t we all LOVE our favourite cheesy Chinese New Year songs?  Check out this Spotify playlist and enjoy!

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