Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

TL;DR – Horrific.

A horrific incident happened in Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia last month when a 28-year-old man killed his female neighbour. The 32-year-old victim was pregnant.


The suspect, identified as Faiz Nurdin, strangled his neighbour to death. He confessed to the police that he had felt offended when she asked him, “Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?”

Feeling insulted, he went to her home and strangled her with his bare hands in her bedroom. The victim tried to defend herself by biting his fingers but eventually died.


Faiz then fled to Kalideres, a subdistrict of West Jakarta, after stealing her phone and money amounting to around S$77. The police caught him during a raid, after shooting at his leg.

According to media reports, Nurdin will face life imprisonment if he is found guilty.

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