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TL;DR – And the wife is always right.

Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat gave every Singaporean above the age of 21 an ang bao this year. So long as you are a Singaporean above the age of 21, you will get a one-off SG Bonus of up to S$300. This is because the Budget for 2017 came in with a surplus of S$9.61 billion. This move, according to Minister Heng, “reflects the Government’s long-standing commitment to share the fruits of Singapore’s development with Singaporeans”.

How much each of you get depends on your assessable income. If you have an assessable income in the year of assessment 2017 of not more than $28,000, you will get $300. If you have an assessable income from $28,001 to $100,000, you will get $200. If you have an assessable income of more than $100,000, you will get $100.

The payment will be made at the end of 2018.


When I heard that news, I was initially quite happy. Yay! I get some money from the government!

Then I started calculating what my assessable income for 2017 is. Then I realised that, after taking into account performance bonus, my assessable income is just a little bit more than $100,000. So that means I only get $100! Fwah… a bit angry, and even started feeling it’s all a little unfair!

So I complained to my wife.

Me: How come I get $100 less just because of my good performance at work last year? I feel penalised for my good performance last year leh. And it’s also because the company had an exceptionally good year and I probably won’t get it again this year.

Wife: Oi, don’t be silly la. Why you look at the bad side one? Would you rather not have the good performance bonus from a good year just so that you can get $100 more?

Me: But it’s not fair leh.

Wife: Hmm… if it’s so important that you get that $100 more, I know a way that you can get it.

Me: Oh. Can ah?

Wife: Sure. You give me your PB, then I give you $100 lor.

Me: Aiyoh. Now that you put it that way…

Wife: Actually, I agree with what the government did la. More, in fact, most should be given to those who have the least. If we don’t need to get money from the government, that’s a good thing, right? It means that we doing quite alright and can fend for ourselves. We should leave more for those whose needs are greater la.

I guess some things are eternal truth: the wife is always right (hurhur!)

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