Singapore’s UV Index has hit an “extremely hazardous” level

By February 20, 2018Current

TL;DR – When hot gets too hot.

If you felt that it was especially scorching yesterday Monday 19 Feb, you probably weren’t imagining it.

According to Reddit forum user visss9, Singapore’s UV Index hit an insane 15 yesterday – which is extremely hazardous.

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If you can’t or are too lazy to read the entire explanation, here are some key points:

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1) Our average daily UV index peters out at 10-11 (on clear days) and 7-9 (on cloudy days) and has been this way for years.

2) Over the last few days, we’ve been having abnormally high UV indices. The sun is never this strong in Australia, India, China, or even in the Sahara Desert.

3) We are not genetically predisposed to sunlight this strong.

Hence most importantly,

4) Please take adequate steps to protect your skin (sunscreen, sunscreen!) and eyes.

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