SDP’s Damanhuri Abas shares his ‘secret’ parenting recipe

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TL;DR – You are your child’s best influencer and motivator.

Some of us might be familiar with Damanhuri Bin Abas from the Singapore Democratic Party but this post is not about his political association. He recently shared a post on Facebook, about his ‘secret’ parenting recipe that led to his daughter to ace her recent O level examinations, that has garnered over 600 likes and almost 350 shares. 

The post is rather long, so we will summarise it for you:

  • His role in the family is “more of a shaper of our family directional course”.
  • He says, if you want your child to be a doctor, then make sure you sow those seeds early and nurture them to grow in your child.
  • For him, he often tells his kids that they need a doctor in the family, a lawyer, an ustadz (religious scholar), very good teachers and a successful businessman.
  • He believes that parents have a big say on what your child can and will be and a child convinced very early of what he or she wants to be, will be more motivated and empowered to study than one who reluctantly goes through motion when it comes to his/her studies.
  • He also talks about the Malay community –  that they are still facing many social challenges and there is a need to reverse the negatives of the community and society into powerful positive forces for reform.
  • Marriage, to him, is an important aspect of what we set as our life goals. Who you marry can and will have a direct impact in your life. Everyone in the family must play their roles in the best manner possible and leave nothing to chance.

The Internet is divided on this.

Many support his views,

But there are some who disagree,

Your thoughts?


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